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Hosted VoIP

hosted voip

Try a better Hosted VoIP service

Try the Sinch Hosted VoIP service and add voice calling into your mobile and web applications. We have created a powerful and high quality hosted VoIP service, with easy to use SDKs for iOS, Android, and JavaScript, as well as support for REST APIs.

  • We deal with the backend and all of the heavy lifting
  • 99.95% uptime and 24/7 maintenance
  • Scalable for you to grow
  • Trustworthy – powering apps such as Tango, Rebtel and Truecaller

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“Sinch took 10 minutes to drop in and start calling, and the voice quality is amazing!”

Jim Yang
CEO of Gather

“Sinch gives us a mix of fantastic quality and solid reliability that an app like Rebtel needs!”

Anna Alenius-Mathson
Head of Communications at Rebtel

“Sinch … is easy to integrate, easy for our users, and provides great results.”

Alan Mamedi
CEO & Founder of Truecaller


In App Calling

Enable VoIP calling from your app with app to phone calling via PSTN termination, or setup app to app calling using Sinch data origination and termination.

Powerful SDKs

The Sinch SDKs for iOS, Android and JavaScript help you add a seamless, in app calling experience into your app. You control the UI and UX, whilst Sinch deals with security, quality and backend behind your voice calls. We also support REST APIs to allow you to enrich any of your applications with rich voice calling.

How it Works

CallClient callClient = sinchClient.getCallClient();
Call call = callClient. callPhoneNumber("+442045788541");
id callClient = [sinchClient callClient];
id call = [callClient callPhoneNumber:@"+442045788541"];
var sinchClient = new SinchClient({applicationKey: '...', capabilities: {calling: true}});
var callListeners = {
    onCallEstablished: function(call) {
        $('audio').attr('src', call.incomingStreamURL); //If audio element has attribute "autoplay"
var call = callClient.callPhoneNumber('+442045788541');

Why Sinch?

simple voice api

Simple to Use

Built with simplicity in mind, the Sinch SDKs for iOS, Android, and Javascript are easy to use, with excellent documentation for developers and product owners

HD voice Technology

Proven Technology

Sinch powers 1 million calls per day. With our own dedicated team of engineers and developers, we provide 99.95% uptime and 24/7 monitoring and maintenance

global reach

Global Reach

Sinch has connected 4.5 billion calls across 229 countries in crisp HD quality. Sinch uses tier-1 carriers and data-optimized routing to give your in-app calling feature the quality it deserves

Ready to Get Started?

To start building VoIP into your applications, or to test Sinch for free, sign up for a free account. For more information or help getting started, contact the sales team.

Try Sinch Hosted VoIP for Free