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Which technology do you use when making calls?

We use the Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP).

How much mobile bandwidth does the Sinch SDK use?

This varies depending on whether you are making app to app or app to phone calls. We have a guide to explain everything here.

Which codec do you use?

We use iSAC (Internet Speech Audio Codec). This is a flexible codec which adapts the voice quality to the quality of the network currently used. A good connection results in HD voice quality.

Do you use WebRTC?

Yes. If you have your own version of WebRTC already used in your application, please contact us to discuss how to proceed.

Does Sinch have 64-bit support?

Yes. Our iOS SDK does now support Apple’s 64-bit architecture for successful submissions to the app store.

Does the Sinch SDK work behind symmetric NATs?

The Sinch SDK will use P2P for the voice stream when possible. The ICE standard is used for NAT traversal. If a P2P channel is not possible (for example when both sides are behind a symmetric NATs) the voice channel will fall back to Sinch media proxies. Approximately 70-75% of the calls made with the SDK can be expected to go over P2P, while approximately 25-30% of the calls can be expected to go through servers. This is due to firewall restrictions.

Do you use SIP?

No, we use a proprietary signalling protocol.

What scalability options does Sinch offer?

Sinch powers all kinds of applications, from MVP prototypes to successful and widely used applications. Our services scale on-demand and ensure you a high availability at all time.