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Why can’t I send SMS to any number?

To avoid misuse of the SMS API such as unsolicited spam or fraud-related activities, there are a few steps that you need take in order to be able to send SMS to anybody:

1. Verify your phone number
To use the Sinch SMS API, you will need to have a verified phone number in the Sinch dashboard. To verify your phone number, sign in to the Sinch dashboard, click Quickstart and follow the instructions.

2. Create a Sandbox app and test your integration
With a Sandbox app, you will be able to test your SMS API integration, by sending SMS to your verified phone number only.

3. Create a Production app and request Full SMS Access
When you are ready to roll out your service in Production, create a Production app. To be able to send SMS to everyone, you will need to request Full SMS Access for your Production app. To do that, go to your app SMS settings in the Sinch dashboard and request Full SMS Access. One of our support agents will reach out to you as soon as possible to enable your app for full SMS access. You can find additional information on our documentation.

What is required on my Terms of Service page in order to use the Sinch shared short code?

In order to use the Sinch shared short code, you need to display a “Terms of Service” page on your website with the following information:

– When you opt-in to the service, you will receive an SMS message from us to confirm your opt-in.
– Opt-out: You can always send an SMS with “STOP” to to stop receiving SMS messages from us. (STOP should always be displayed in bold in your website)
– More information: If at any time you want to know which keywords are supported or receive further information, send an SMS with “HELP” to , and you will receive an SMS with the supported keywords and more information on the service. (HELP should always be displayed in bold in your website)
– Message & data rates may apply
– Link to Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
– Customer Service Contact Information: either a toll-free number, a web submission form or an email address

What is the difference between A2P and P2P SMS?

We have written a great guide to the difference between A2P, P2P and P2A SMS. Learn more here.