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What scalability options does Sinch offer?

Sinch powers all kinds of applications, from MVP prototypes to successful and widely used applications. Our services scale on-demand and ensure you a high availability at all time.

How does Sinch’s pricing work?

For instant messaging, our pricing is based on the number of active users, defined as active connections to Sinch in the foreground and APNS/GCM in the background. For app to app calling, pricing is based on a per minute cost and the use of APNS/GCM in the foreground and background. For phone to phone, app to phone calling, and SMS, the price is based on a per minute or per SMS cost.

Where can I find tutorials and code examples?

We have a number of fantastic tutorials which you can find in our tutorials section.

When will I be invoiced for the usage of the Sinch SDK?

At the end of every month, if more than 25 000 users connected to the Sinch SDK through your app, you will receive an invoice based on the following tier pricing table.

Does Sinch have 64-bit support?

Yes. Our iOS SDK does now support Apple’s 64-bit architecture for successful submissions to the app store.