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Integrate Hackathon

Use the products we launch at the Hackathon for your chance to win one of two $750 cash prizes.

As the awesome developers you are, we want your feedback! Use the new Video and Conference Calling SDKs

Video Calling SDK

Try our the new Sinch Video Calling SDK to add real-time video chat into your app.

With the lightweight Sinch SDK, you can easily add video calling to anywhere in the world over a data connection or WiFi from your website or app. Sinch offers high quality video communication and seamless integration into any existing app with our easy to use API and Real Time Video SDK.

Conference Calling SDK

Try our Conference Calling SDK and let users call into a conference directly from your mobile or web applications.

Enable users to dial into a conference by calling into a fixed phone number, or trigger calls to fixed or mobile phones and connect all users to the same conference room. You can even play a prompt or text-to-speech message to each end user with further instructions or any custom message


We also have a range of tutorials to help you build even quicker.

How to enter our hackathon prize

Once you have finished your hackathon project, enter via the Integrate Hackthon 2015 rules and also give us your feedback on the SDK you used.

More Information

Look out for Christian Jensen and Caren Garcia in their Sinch t-shirts if you need any help with Sinch. Also reach out to us on Twitter at @SinchDev.

Don'd forget to submit your projects to