eTail Boston 2024

August 12, 2024 - August 15, 2024


Join us for eTail, where thousands of retailers come together to discover new strategies and innovations. Come meet with our team to find out how Sinch can help you engage customers on their favorite channels and enrich every step of their journey. 

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This is not your mother's text messaging

RCS is coming, and it will transform mobile marketing for retailers. Discover the strategic advantages of RCS, from meeting customer needs to expanding reach and achieving great ROI. Get ready – register for RCS with Sinch at eTail Boston. 

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The coming revolution in customer messaging: Iinitiating impactful interactions and excelling in customer response

Discover the future of mobile marketing! Michael Ahearn, VP of Customer Development and Strategy at Sinch, will share insights on RCS messaging its market-shifting potential to transform customer interactions. Be there to stay ahead! 

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