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Enrich Travel with Messaging

The demand for 'always on' customer service sees the travel sector trying to re-align, but change is slow. At least, it was until now.

We know travel...

Oceanwide Expeditions specialize expedition-style journeys to Antarctica and the Arctic. Looking to run a verified voting competition, they turned to Sinch for our cloud communication capabilities.

"The SMS verification solution provided by Sinch was the answer to our problem. The implementation was straightforward, follow-up was quick and accurate - all we needed for a successful partnership."

Franklin Braeckman
Online Marketing Manager, Oceanwide Expeditions
SMS Verification
Two phones displaying the Number Masking capabilities of the Sinch Voice SDK

5%increase in revenue

Use Case
Voice in Transport

Protect identities in ride hailing

Number swapping between driver and client isn't necessary anymore, which is just as well because it lead to revenue leakage, with ride hailing companies being bypassed to set up the next ride.

The Result

The real phone number of the caller is hidden or masked, not only adding security for both driver and the client, but also stopping revenue leakage directly at the source.

What we bring to the table

  • Keep passengers informed

    Whether it’s a live status update, journey information or even ticketing options, provide passengers with everything they need, right on their most personal device.

  • Let them know you're en route

    There’s nothing more frustrating for your drivers than waiting outside for that last, late fare. An SMS reminder 5 minutes before pickup can help keep the journey running smoothly.

  • Internal benefits

    We aren’t here just for your clients, we’re here for you too! With our powerful platform, you can carry out the usually-tricky transport and fleet management tasks with ease.

  • Easy app integration

    SMS? Voice or Video Calling? It doesn’t matter; they’re just as easy as each other to integrate into your travel app and they all have their benefits, if you’re unsure, let us help.

A happy woman holding a coffee and using her smartphone

Cost reduction of196%

Use Case
SMS in Transport

Rebooking a flight without the call center

The airline starts an SMS conversation with a customer - their flight has been disrupted. To avoid any hassle, automatic rebooking has been put into place to smooth the way.

The Result

The customer can accept or reject the new flight, simply by replying to the message. For every passenger that accepts the new flight via SMS, a call to the call center is saved and a heightened experience is had.

Why we're your first choice for mobile messaging...

  • Real-time communication

    25 billion API calls a year and 250 million phone and data calls per month, all without breaking a sweat. You’re in good hands.

  • Proven and trusted

    We’re proud to call 8 out of the 10 largest US tech companies, as well as mobile operators around the world, our customers.

  • No hassle integration

    Website, app, whatever you may have, integrating our SMS, Voice or Video Calling APIs and SDKs is, well, a sinch.

  • Scale with confidence

    It doesn’t matter if you’re a global enterprise or a local startup. Our solutions fit any business and can scale as you grow.