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Why should a business use WhatsApp?

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Hence, opting to send WhatsApp business message can be a terrific way to connect with your existing customers and prospects, no matter which part of the world they belong to. It is most likely that your customers already have this app installed in their smartphones. You can even leverage the option of WhatsApp chatbot integration to support the customer service and marketing functions of your business. By doing so, you shall be providing your customers with the opportunity to receive assistance on their preferred platform that they use daily. 

WhatsApp for small companies to large enterprises


The option to make use of WhatsApp business messages is ideal for all types of ventures, no matter whether you have a small, home-run business or a large enterprise. WhatsApp Business is packed with multiple functionalities.  

Quick facts 15 million Indian businesses are on WhatsApp 67% Customers rely on Whatsapp chatbot support
Why should a business use WhatsApp? 

Personalized engagement 

WhatsApp supports multiple types of media, thereby allowing companies to communicate with their customers through creative text, attractive images, engaging videos and more. Even PDF files, GIFs and emoticons can be sent through the platform, thereby adding innovation to the customer communication process.  

You can send a video of the a behind-the-scenes of your product production progress, explain the uses of your products through colorful graphics and crisp copies or even send a plain text message with a powerful call to action. Trying to entice and engage the target audience through a variety of ways can help you build a new level of trust with your contacts. 

Chart showing benefits of interacting with business on WhatsApp


*All numbers in percentage

Build long-lasting relationships 

WhatsApp is the perfect tool for reaching your audience, promoting your brand, building a connection, and communicating with your audience in real-time. WhatsApp bulk message sender is perfect for notifying the customers about discounts, offers, updates and more. The innovative features of this platform make it ideal for engaging with your customers and leads in a whole new way. For detailed insights into the features of WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Business API, read this.     Make your business always on 

By using WhatsApp bots, you do not have to worry about connecting with your customers past your business hours. These bots are available 24x7 and can provide round-the-clock automated customer service. WhatsApp bots are capable enough to handle frequently asked queries intelligently and save both the hassle and cost of having to hire any additional staff for the customer service process.  

Chatbot technology has become extremely prominent over the years. It is a software application that simulates human-like interaction via text, or even text-to-speak. WhatsApp chatbot is particularly used by several companies. You can create WhatsApp bots through certain innovative platforms and subsequently connect with your customers in real-time quite easily.  

Chatbots can also help in increasing your business accessibility. Chatbots created through WhatsApp can even be integrated into CRM and ERP platforms to streamline the management of customer relationship operations. You can provide real time responses to the queries and complaints of the customers, allow them to explore the business product catalog, send reminders and notifications and more through it. It also facilitates the process gathering of feedback and commentaries from customers, as well as sending updates on the status of tickets and their resolution. Owing to these features of chatbots, they help customers to save time that would have otherwise been spent in a queue to talk to customer care representatives and making several button selections to eventually reach the correct department to respond to their queries. This enhances customer satisfaction.  

Today you can even avail yourself of WhatsApp business bulk message software, which is quite useful for sending information about offers, discounts, promotions, and updates. Details about such features, as well as WhatsApp business auto reply message sample can easily be found online.  

What can Sinch do for you? 

Sinch is a WhatsApp business solution provider that helps medium and large enterprises to develop their first official WhatsApp messaging experience through the rich media platform of this company. One can avail the most impactful WhatsApp business message template and a variety of other functionalities.  

WhatsApp Business is a simple, secure, and effortless way for businesses to connect and engage with several thousands of people. Sinch is an official partner of WhatsApp. Hence, it has the capability to support its customers at every step of the way, when it comes to deploying a feature rich WhatsApp Business solution that is built on their powerful AI Conversation Platform. The AI Conversation platform of Sinch offers a highly secured, scalable, and reliable solution that can be seamlessly integrated with the end points of a company.  

53% say they are frustrated when they can't reply to a mobile message.


WhatsApp communication service can play a key role in enabling enterprises to stitch together their varied service alerts, and subsequently turn it into rich conversation. WhatsApp Business is among the most advanced and intelligent messaging platforms available in the country that comes with features like inbuilt notification, conversation with Chatbot and Live agent support. All these features contribute to providing a seamless experience for the users. Sinch is among the best destinations to avail solutions regarding automated WhatsApp message for business. 

With Sinch, companies get the opportunity to explore a world of digital transformation and rich, personalized communication that allows them to steer their business growth competently. The communication solutions offered by the company go a long way in driving higher conversions. Through them, companies can even create a WhatsApp Chatbot that allows them to leverage the power of instant communication with swift, automated responses throughout the day. Such solutions play a good role in keeping customers satisfied with its promptness. Chatbot solutions offered by Sinch can serve the marketing department of a company with an unparalleled deployment of strategic campaigns while their sales teams can benefit from a shortened sales cycle. Sinch also enables their clients to avail WhatsApp business auto reply message functionality.