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Everything you need to know about SMS API integration

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Check out the advantages of SMS API integration in this blog.     

Superior efficiency with automation 

SMS APIs go a long way in making workflow faster and more efficient, while reducing manual intervention by the staff. You can be assured that your communication will go as planned after automating the process of sending and receiving SMS through APIs. For instance, an API can be used to displace a manual process executed between two applications. In case a business sends the same message on a regular basis, an SMS API can be used to competently distribute these messages without manual involvement. Companies may even schedule time sensitive messages to make sure that the customer receives their notification or reminder update at the precise time. 


Higher visibility and tracking    

API facilitates the process of tracking messages with delivery receipts at the exact time the application delivers each message to the device of each customer. Through this process, you can easily acquire application details of any anomaly in the event of non-delivery. Informing the application about exactly which outbound message matches a given response is another major feature of SMS API. This feature is particularly helpful for transactional messaging applications that aid in matching responses with messages. 

Most brands today leverage SMS API to integrate SMS messaging into their existing software platforms, and subsequently send and receive messages in a fast and easy manner. APIs offered by renowned service providers tend to be secure and reliable and make it possible for a business to seamlessly connect to an SMS gateway to send or receive notifications around the world, even outside business hours. The flexibility offered by this system comes as a huge help when a business outgrows typical web SMS systems requires more sophisticated communication via SMS gateway API. If you plan to scale your business messaging and send bulk SMS, API integration allows you to access the services of your SMS API provider directly into any business application or website.       

Advantages of availing bulk SMS marketing solutions for a business

  There are more than 3 billion smartphone users across the planet, and this number is projected to keep increasing every year. Owing to the increasing usage and penetration of mobile phones, the use of SMS messaging as a part of the customer service and engagement strategies has become a prominent concept for many companies. SMS Business Solution Provider Agency offers a wide range of solutions to their clients with the help of which they can schedule and broadcast customized SMS to groups or individual recipients. Doing so can be a wonderful way to capture the attention of the target audience and encourage an immediate response.  

Providers of SMS gateway can specially help in providing bulk SMS service that is used to educate customers about the products, services or offers provided by a brand.  There are multiple advantages of availing bulk SMS marketing solutions for a business. Here are a few of them:  


Reach your customer anywhere, anytime with SMS API
Delivers instantly 

This is one of the most advantageous aspects of bulk SMS marketing. SMS reaches the mobile phone of the customers instantly, without any hassle. If the phone of the customers is switched on, a text message would not take more than seven seconds to reach them.  


Offers an efficient platform 

By leveraging the system of bulk SMS marketing, it becomes undoubtedly simpler for companies to send messages to a group of customers. You may even customize these messages before sending them.  SMS is one of the most efficient means of sending promotional messages.       

High readability 

Text messages typically have a high readability. Most people have the tendency to immediately read the messages, and hence provide you with a high degree of readability that other marketing methods like emails are often unable to achieve.  


Provides reliability 

Bulk SMS marketing is an exceptionally reliable system. Unlike emails, whenever you send an SMS to someone it does not go through spam or other filters. As a result, you can be assured that these text messages are seen by the customers.  


Greater conversion 

As text messages do have high readability, their conversion rate is also higher. Hence, this marketing technique can help you to enjoy proper business growth over time.  No matter the type of product or service you sell, availing bulk SMS solutions can be a smart move.