Sinch Auth Ruby Gem for the JavaScript SDK

You can use the gem sinch_auth to generate a user ticket that authenticates users through the Sinch JavaScript SDK. First, install the gem:

$ gem install sinch_auth

To use:

sinchAuth =
ticket = sinchAuth.get_auth_ticket(username, expires_in, key, secret)

Where username is a string that uniquely identifies the current user, expires_in is the number of seconds the ticket expires in, and key and secret are your app key and secret from the Sinch dashboard.

If you do not yet have a key and secret, sign up for a free Sinch developer account. Once logged in, you will see a button to create a new app. This generates a key and secret for you.

Use the ticket

In the view where you want to use the Sinch client, you will create a new Sinch client and start it with the ticket you just generated. Make sure to use the same app key that you used to generate the ticket.

  sinchClient = new SinchClient({
    applicationKey: "your_app_key",
    capabilities: {messaging: true, calling: true},
    startActiveConnection: true,
    onLogMessage: function(message) {


Once the client is started, you can use it to make browser-to-browser phone calls, browser-to-phone calls, and send web-to-web instant messages. Follow the tutorials below to build these features: