Mobile SDKs

The Sinch SDKs are available for iOS, Android and JavaScript. Download the file, unpack it and add it to your project. To make your first call or send your first message, please make sure you have signed up and created an app.

We also have a number of helper libraries to help you use Sinch in your projects. You can view the full, official list here.

Voice SDK w/ Video

  • Sinch SDK Framework
  • Documentation
  • Sample applications for app-to-app calling, app-to-phone calling & conference calling
  • Video

Info - iOS 13 VoIP Push Changes

Starting with iOS 13 and Xcode 11, Apple mandates the use of CallKit when PushKit is used. An iOS app must report incoming calls with CallKit in the didReceiveIncomingPush callback or the app will be terminated. And, if an app repeatedly does this, or if it repeatedly fails not to report an incoming call, the system may stop launching the app for VoIP pushes altogether. See Apple’s anouncement here.

We are currently working on a new version of our iOS SDK (4.x) to comply with Apple’s new directives, starting with this new version we’ll only support VoIP Push with CallKit, if you do not want to use CallKit integration in your application you will have to use regular Push notifications via iOS UserNotifications Framework.

Also, starting with XCode 11 for IOS 13, Apple will no longer support VoIP Cancellation Push. This will affect how our SDK and our customer's Applications behave on cancellation scenarios. We will have more info about this soon.

iOS SDK 3.12.10 2019.08.26 Download iOS .tar.bz2
Android SDK 3.15.0
This new version of our Android SDK now supports
Java 7 and 8.
To use Java 8, please check the build tools requirements.
check user-guide
2019.09.06 Download Android .zip
JavaScript SDK 1.4.12 2019.04.04 Download JavaScript .zip

Verification SDK

Download the Sinch SDK for Verification. Each SDK package contains:

  • Sinch SDK Framework
  • Documentation
  • Sample applications for SMS and flash call (Android only) verification
iOS SDK 2.0.7 2018.07.06 Download iOS .tar.bz2
Android SDK 1.6.0 2018.12.19 Download Android .zip
JavaScript SDK 1.4.12 2019.04.04 Download JavaScript .zip