Voice & Instant message iOS SDK

See how our platform is evolving. Keep track of new features, API versions and bug fixes.

2017/12/20 | SINCH SDK IOS 3.12.3

  • Improved sample apps

2017/11/22 | SINCH SDK IOS 3.12.2

  • Improved Wifi/Cellular handover for App calling

2017/10/27 | SINCH SDK IOS 3.12.1

  • Minor bug fixes with regard to CallKit support

2017/10/20 | SINCH SDK IOS 3.12.0

  • Added support for CallKit integration (voice call only).
  • Added support for accessing the raw video frame of local video stream: developers can now for example apply filter on local video stream and send it to remote, or save screenshots of the local video stream.
  • Fixed IPv6 compatibility issue.
  • Minor fixes in Sample Apps.

2017/03/10 | SINCH SDK IOS 3.11.0

  • Video Calling General Availability Release:
    • Added support for pausing and resuming video stream.
    • Added support for accessing the raw video frame of remote video stream.
  • Resolved potential error `duplicate symbol
    • OBJC_CLASS$_GTMStringEncoding` when using the Sinch SDK together with other third-party libraries that make use of GTMStringEncoding.

2017/01/30 | SINCH SDK IOS 3.10.1

  • Bug fixes

2017/01/24 | SINCH SDK IOS 3.10.0

  • General improvement

2016/11/14 | SINCH SDK IOS 3.9.8

  • IPv6 compatibility.
  • General improvement and minor bug fixes.

2016/09/30 | SINCH SDK IOS 3.9.7

  • Video calling bug fixes.

2016/08/04 | Sinch SDK iOS 3.9.6

  • iOS 10 compatibility.
  • Deprecated -[SINClient setSupportActiveConnectionInBackground:] for iOS 10. See the new section ‘Deprecated features and APIs’ in User Guide for details on this deprecation.

2016/08/04 | Sinch SDK iOS 3.9.5

  • Fix -[SINMessage timestamp] to return server-side timestamp for a id passed to -[SINMessageClientDelegate messageSent:recipientId:]
  • Dropped support for i386 iOS Simulator. Please use x86_64 iOS Simulator.

2016/05/11 | Sinch SDK iOS 3.9.4

2016/03/09 | Sinch SDK iOS 3.9.3

  • Fix linker issues when using the SDK via CocoaPods.

2016/03/04 | Sinch SDK iOS 3.9.2

  • Support for LLVM bitcode.

2016/01/27 | Sinch SDK iOS 3.9.1

  • SIP errors reporting.

2015/09/25 | Sinch SDK iOS 3.7.1

  • Removed armv7s slice in framework/library binary
  • Fixed the macro SINAPSEnvironmentAutomatic to consider both DEBUG and NDEBUG. This should make it work with Xcode projects that are created with the default build setting DEBUG=1 defined for the Debug build configuration.
  • Updated to comply with iOS 9 App Transport Security defaults. See the following link for details: https://developer.apple.com/library/prerelease/ios/technotes/App-Transport-Security-Technote/
  • Sample app updates for Xcode 7 and iOS 9.
  • Introduced Sinch conference calling.

2015/07/08 | Sinch SDK iOS 3.5.2

  • Adaptive bitrate support for OPUS codec in app-to-app calls.

2015/06/01 | Sinch SDK iOS 3.5.1

  • Use UIApplication background task when requesting push device token to increase robustness of aquiring device token when application is launched into background mode (e.g. after device reboot, or after a crash). Note that is only used when using VoIP push notifications (PushKit). (The background task is started upon -[SINManagedPush setDesiredPushTypeAutomatically] or -[SINManagedPush setDesiredPushType:], and it’s ended upon receiving a device token from PKPushRegistry).

2015/04/10 | Sinch SDK iOS 3.5.0

New fully integrated support for remote push notifications:

  • Push notifications sent by the Sinch cloud platform (provided that you upload Apple Push Certificates to the Sinch Dashboard).
  • Support for both regular remote push notifications and VoIP-push notifications (available since iOS 8).
  • New protocol SINManagedPush used as entry point for managing push notifications.
  • New push notification methods on SINClient: -[SINClient enableManagedPushNotifications:] -[SINClient relayRemotePushNotification:] -[SINClient registerPushNotificationDeviceToken:type:apsEnvironment:]
  • New sample apps that shows how to use the new push notification functionality.
  • New NSNotifications available (as a complement to SINClientDelegate): SINClientDidStartNotification SINClientDidFailNotification SINClientWillTerminateNotification
  • relayRemotePushNotification and relayRemotePushNotificationPayload will now correctly start the client when the payload is for an IM.

2015/02/23 | Sinch SDK iOS 3.4.2

  • Fix so that SINClient does not throw exception if -[UIApplication setKeepAliveTimeout:handler] returns NO. SINClient will now instead emit a log message with severity SINLogSeverityCritical.

2015/02/09 | Sinch SDK iOS 3.4.1

  • Support for x86_64 architecture (iOS 64-bit Simulator)

2015/01/29 | Sinch SDK iOS 3.4.0

  • Support for arm64 architecture
  • Support for OPUS codec for app-to-app calls

2014/12/05 | Sinch SDK iOS 3.3.2

  • Added support for -[UILocalNotification category] (iOS 8)

2014/12/03 | Sinch SDK iOS 3.3.1

  • Improved internal call reporting.

2014/11/21 | Sinch SDK iOS 3.3.0

  • Added support for call headers for app-to-app calls. See -[SINCall headers] and -[SINCallClient callUserWithId:headers:]

2014/11/13 | Sinch SDK iOS 3.2.9

  • Fixed a regression in reporting SINCallEndCauseNoAnswer even if the call has been cancelled by the caller. It will now report the expected SINCallEndCauseCanceled in this case.

2014/10/27 | Sinch SDK iOS 3.2.8

  • Improvements to scenario where caller hangs up a call before certain internal REST API requests has completed, but the requests completes later during the graceful termination period.

2014/10/24 | Sinch SDK iOS 3.2.7

  • Fixed issue with user notification permission on iOS 8.
  • Added new method -[SINClient terminateGracefully]

2014/10/17 | Sinch SDK iOS 3.2.6

  • Fixed issue causing long call setup time when using certain codecs.

2014/10/10 | Sinch SDK iOS 3.2.5

  • Additional improvements for scenarios in which the caller cancels a call before the call is answered.

2014/10/09 | Sinch SDK iOS 3.2.4

  • Improvements of disposal of Sinch SDK internals if a consumer of the Sinch SDK would accidently keep reference counts on a SINMessageClient even after a -[SINClient terminate] has been called. IMPORTANT: Do note that is not in any way recommended to keep references to e.g. a SINMessageClient or a SINCallClient after the parent SINClient has been terminated.
  • Fixed issue if caller hung up call quickly and before the callee answer, the callee would not receive the event that the call actually ended.

2014/10/03 | Sinch SDK iOS 3.2.3

  • Improvements in handling unstable network connection when initiating a call.
  • Fixed order of instant messages received as history.

2014/09/19 | Sinch SDK iOS 3.2.1

  • Improvements in handling unstable network connection when initiating a call.

2014/09/04 | Sinch SDK iOS 3.2.0

  • Added persistence mechanism. Instant messages are now persisted internally in the SDK and retried automatically for 12 hours before failing.

2014/08/05 | Sinch SDK iOS 3.1.5

  • Bugfix: Incoming calls will from now on never have state SINCallStateProgressing. Previously, incoming calls could either be in SINCallStateInitiating or SINCallStateProgressing just after -[SINCallClientDelgate client:didReceiveIncomingCall:]. Now, the call will initially be in SINCallStateInitiating, until transitioning to SINCallStateEstablished or SINCallStateEnded.
  • Fixed crash when attempting to send DTMF during call setup.
  • Internal improvements for Call headers.

2014/07/11 | Sinch SDK iOS 3.1.3

  • Fixed crash that could occur under bad network conditions
  • Internal improvements: Reducing number of signaling messages sent when initiating a voice call.
  • Improvements for Swift compatibility: use NS_ENUM when declaring enums, e.g. SINCallState, SINCallEndCause etc.

2014/06/12 | Sinch SDK iOS 3.1

  • [SINClient stop] has been deprecated and replaced by -[SINClient terminate]. As part of this change, the SINClient is invalidated after -[SINClient terminate] has been called and cannot be restarted.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

2014/05/14 | Sinch SDK iOS 3.0

Public release of the iOS SDK with:

  • Improved sample applications and documentation
  • Refactored calling and messaging API

2014/05/02 | Sinch SDK iOS 3.0 BETA

First public beta version of the Sinch SDK for iOS with support for:

  • App to app calling
  • App to phone calling
  • Instant messaging to single and multiple recipient