JavaScript SDK

See how our platform is evolving. Keep track of new features, API versions and bug fixes.

2017-10-06 | Sinch SDK JavaScript 1.4.5

  • Updated dependencies
  • Fix for App to Web compatibility
  • Bug fixes for recent Chrome and Firefox versions

2016-08-26 | Sinch SDK JavaScript 1.4.4

Bug fix: Resolved issue with newer browsers using ECDSA for key generation

2016-01-27 | Sinch SDK JavaScript 1.4.3

  • Added support for SIP Calling with Error header support

2015-12-17 | Sinch SDK JavaScript 1.4.2

  • Added support for verification using Callout
  • Bug fix: Custom header support for native client compatibility

2015-10-05 | Sinch SDK JavaScript 1.4.1

  • Bug fix: userAgent parsing when Safari running embedded in apps, solving “50 character” limit bug
  • Bug fix: verification of numbers containing spaces would fail
  • Bug fix: prevent sending Javascript objects in IM’s
  • Bug fix: Firefox from making voice over data calls to recent Android SDK
  • Bug fix: Firefox video calls to work with Chrome/Android
  • Bug fix: Early media 20s call issue resolved
  • Stability: Robust proxy fallback, using relay without srflx candidate

2015-09-25 | Sinch SDK JavaScript 1.4.0

  • Introduced Sinch conference calling.

2015-06-24 | Sinch SDK JavaScript 1.3.1

  • SMS Verification GA
  • Calling verify method on a previously verified verification object will return that it is a verified number.

2015-05-21 | Sinch SDK JavaScript 1.3.0

  • Introducing SMS Verification Beta
    • New method in SinchClient, “createSmsVerification()”
    • New verification object (retrieved by createSmsVerification), with support for sending and resending a verification SMS as well as methods to validate a verification code
    • Sample application for SMS Verification
  • Increased call-setup timeout to 10s, in line with iOS & Android SDK
  • Enabled SinchClient to start without any capabilities
  • Bug fix: audio group calling (note: still beta feature)

2015-02-18 | Sinch SDK JavaScript 1.2.0

  • New capability, “video” for video calling (beta)
  • New capability, “multiCall”, make sinchClient capable of handling multiple simultaneous calls (beta)
  • New method, callClient.callGroup(‘groupName’), for making video group calls (beta)
  • Support for calling native clients (compatible with Sinch iOS SDK v3.4.0 and Android v3.5.0 and above)
  • Support for receiving calls from native clients (compatible with Sinch iOS SDK v3.4.0 and Android SDK v3.5.0 and above)

2015-02-05 | Sinch SDK JavaScript 1.1.0

  • Support for calling and receiving native clients (compatible with Sinch iOS SDK v3.4.0 and above)
  • Mute and unmute mic on a call using call.mute() and call.unmunte()
  • API Change: “startActiveConnection” configuration option now enables online capability and starts the active connection.
  • Automatic mute during call setup for privacy
  • Support for self signed requests for authentication (backend in Node)
  • Improved robustness on signalling issues and Firefox compatibility

2014-12-18 | Sinch SDK JavaScript 1.0

  • API Change: Call timestamps are now javascript Date-objects
  • API Change: “supportActiveConnection” configuration option

now only enable online capability, remember to manage your active connection using startActiveConnection() and stopActiveConnection() * API Change: “startActiveConnection” configuration option now enables online capability and starts the active connection. * Deprecated: SinchClient.stop(), replaced with terminate() * Performance: reduced instance count by reuse of instance across sessions * IM statistics are gathered and available in partner dashboard * Instant messaging capability, enabling developers to specifically allow or disallow certain sessions from receiving instance messages. * Bug fix: Call headers now available in onIncomingCall() * Bug fix: Early media will now playback properly if PSTN call fails. * Sinch added to npm repository for Node JS applications * Sinch added to Bower repository

2014-11-05 | Sinch SDK JavaScript 0.9.9 Beta

  • Sample web application and backend demonstrating how to integrate authentication with your backend
  • Manage active connections with sinchClient.startActiveConnection() and sinchClient.stopActiveConnection(). Important: Active connections MUST now be either started manually, or with option “supportActiveConnection: true” on SinchClient instantiation, if application will receive calls / IM.
  • Send & Receive custom headers on call, new method: call.getHeaders()
  • Consolidate customer headers in Call Detail Reports (CDR)
  • Bug fixes & development convenience improvements
    • On demand signal connection; on incoming call or when making call, reduce open connection count
    • Handle quick/rapid hang-ups for web-to-web and web-to-phone calls
    • Timeouts on calling when recipient is not online
    • Proxy fallback on data calling

2014-10-17 | Sinch SDK JavaScript 0.9.8 Beta

  • Application to application calling (web-to-web only)
  • Updated sample apps, web-to-web example added
  • Several bugfixes in Sinch SDK
  • Call reporting for statistics, PSTN & Data
  • Refactor build infrastructure for Node JS loader compatibility
  • Changed call.callEndCause to integers. For human readable end-cause use call.getEndCause()
  • Fixed bug: Client timestamps synchronized with backend

2014-09-04 | Sinch SDK JavaScript 0.9.7 Beta

This is the first public beta version, which includes:

  • Instant messaging
  • App to Phone Calling
  • Partner user management
  • Sinch user management