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Use Cases
Use Cases
qosmy case study
By - May 4, 2016


We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Michael Moore, Founder & CEO of Qosmy, a fast growing, Seattle-based SaaS company focused on delivering real-time customer support feedback to enterprises. According to Qosmy, businesses don’t know if consumers are… read more

Use Cases
By - April 21, 2016


Scholarly is the app connecting tutors and students anywhere, anytime. The idea stemmed out of HackingEdu, the world’s largest education hackathon. The team won the hackathon with their idea to create an app to make it fast and easy for… read more

Use Cases
By - April 6, 2016


A few weeks ago, I caught up with the founder of Hiyo, Caleb Chiu, to learn more about his app and the progress they had been making. “Hiyo started as a conversation with friends” Caleb told me. “Current text apps… read more

Use Cases
By - March 21, 2016


I recently caught up with Kevin Hodges, creator and lead developer at Riple. He has just launched his new Android app which is a social network for social change. Using “drops”, users can share ideas to make the world a… read more

Use Cases
By - March 10, 2016


Zaldee is a start-up based out of Silicon Valley which aims to disrupt the multi-billion dollar shipping and courier industry. With their unique platform, Zaldee brings together a traveler who has excess baggage space with someone who wants to send… read more

Use Cases
By - March 2, 2016

Parley Chat

Parley Chat is a start up messaging app in the pre-launch stage, and we got the chance to speak with Mike Milord, co-founder and developer. With his 3 person team based in Paris, Parley Chat is a an app targeting… read more

Use Cases
By - February 9, 2016


Jumparound is a young startup founded in March 2015 by three Italian students enrolled at the University of Vienna. Their app is a social network that focuses on facilitating real life interaction between members, mostly young people and students, and… read more

Use Cases
By - February 1, 2016


Any team athlete knows that trust and friendship are built in the locker room. It’s not just a damp and smelly room for changing, but rather a place where teammates support and motivate each other. Stephanie Slatt, a former college… read more

Use Cases
bubble app
By - February 1, 2016

Bubble App

Women’s safety has become a hot topic in tech recently with stories of taxi drivers in India and other places making some ride-sharing services seem unsafe. In response to this, Ali Noorani created Bubble, a women’s safety app based in… read more

Use Cases
By - January 29, 2016


Proximity is a new app that is trying to solve a major problem for modern travellers. Feeling alone and lost in a new city. Using the app, users can find connections, friends, and people that can show you the city… read more