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By - November 12, 2014

Let the App Decide Who Can Talk

This post is more of a feature concept than a fully formed app idea, but what if your app could decide who gets to do the talking? For example, a dating app where each person gets 1 uninterrupted minute to talk… read more

By - November 7, 2014

Personalized Wake Up Call

Use Sinch app-to-app calling as your personal wake up call! This app would allow you to automatically accept incoming calls from certain people at certain times, all set by the user in the app. For example, I could let my… read more

By - November 6, 2014

Customer Support Plugin

Use the Sinch calling functionality to build a customer support plugin that other app and web developers can use. This would be especially helpful for mobile apps, since it is difficult to talk to or message with customer support while looking… read more

By - November 5, 2014

Yelp API + Sinch

Use the Yelp API to build a listing directory where users can click the phone number to call a business from inside the app. This will keep users in the app longer, and provide a way to track phone leads… read more

By - November 4, 2014

Dating App for Lazy People

It’s a common scenario – you talk to someone in a dating app, but they live more than a few miles away, and you never end up meeting up with them. As a fun project, try using iBeacon, Sinch app-to-app calling,… read more

By - October 30, 2014

Evernote + Sinch

Use app-to-app calling to discuss a shared Evernote note while viewing the note at the same time. To get started, check out the overviews for Sinch app-to-app calling and Evernote note sharing.

By - October 30, 2014

Call Your Friend in Severe Weather

Use the Wundergound API to be alerted of severe weather conditions in the US and Europe. If anyone in your contact book has a phone number in that area code, get a push notification reminder to call them! Use Sinch… read more

sms api
By - October 1, 2014

20 Ways to use SMS

SMS is still one of the top ways to communicate with people and in 2012, over 2000 billion SMS messages were sent in the USA. Apart from chat and messaging, SMS can be a great alternative to push notifications and… read more