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Maybe Dating App

A dating app for the 20- something crowd with an intuitive matching system and calling feature? Enter Maybe, an app that is on the surge. Maybe provides a straightforward and visually appealing way for online dating. By using voice in Maybe, it provides the ability to be able to take the next step in the dating process. By only texting, you won’t truly get to know a person. Sinch enabled a free and simple way to integrate voice into the app while keeping the users hidden so the security and privacy didn’t get tampered with.

“Sinch’s SDK allows us to bring a simple, yet powerful and thoroughly road-tested calling functionality into our app.”

You can download the Maybe app on iOS and Android


Helping Hand connects users with experts

Helping Hand is a social app that lets users connect with the specialists they need. From web developers to aquatic specialists, Helping Hand is built on the idea of buying and selling knowledge via their app.

Together with the Sinch SDK, app users can pay for voice calls with experts in different industries using app to app and app to phone calling. Experts can decide when to receive calls and how much they charge, and all calls are implemented right in the app. Plus, there is a chat option to message experts directly.

“The Sinch SDK has enabled us to develop an app that would not otherwise be possible! We are extremely grateful for this service”, says Richard Arthursson, founder of Community Island.

You can download the Helping Hand app on iOS.