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A video call with a businessman displayed on a smartphone

What Role is Video Calling Playing for Banks?

Video · 25/09/2018 · 1 min read

by Sinch

Where once customer service was a lumbering process, now an array of communication channels and platforms are available including chatbots, SMS, messaging apps and video calling, all made available via CPaaS platforms and simple integration via APIs.

As a result, consumers have become fickle. Loyalty to any given service often comes down to how well an enterprise communicates. Nowhere is this more critical than in the financial sector as banks increasingly prioritize customer service and good communication as a competitive differentiator.

Sinch recently carried out some research to look at what role video is playing for banks that want to hit the moving target of customer expectation – check out the infographic for a sneak peek, or if you want the full picture of How Consumer Demand Is Shaping The Future Of Video Calling For Enterprises, check out the full whitepaper here.

Video Calling Infographic