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The importance of real-time in a digital world

23 May 2017 - 3 min read

The key to being a successful DSP (digital service provider) is bringing the customer into the heart of what you do. By focusing on the different touch points the consumer has throughout their journey with you, you can improve the real-time experience of the service.

In this blog post, we will look deeper at real-time control of service delivery, a capability that we believe is central to creating a winning customer experience.

Real-time control – what is it, and why does it matter to you?

So what do we mean by real-time control, and how can it bring value to your business? When we talk about real-time we mean the following:

  • Business logic that is updated constantly as part of the service delivery, eg information about service use and available credits or bundles, which are required to always be accurate
  • The information on service use (and all other account parameters) which are made available immediately to the service logic to shape the customer experience by means of automated interaction and service changes

By implementing such real-time control, you can offer your customers a service that adapts immediately to their needs as they use your services. Forget about offers sent at the end of the month based on what the customer did two months ago: with real-time control, you can set up triggers that ping your customers automatically to offer services based on what they just did. This means that you can both influence customer behaviour more effectively and offer services that are intuitively relevant to the customer in the moment. As your service offering grows wider with the rapid expansion of digital services, your customers will need such active guidance to find the services that fit their habits.

What is needed to realise real-time control?

To make real-time control work to your advantage, you as a DSP needs to have a number of key capabilities in place:

  • Real-time charging and cost control: Service use should be rated and charged as part of service delivery, meaning that all account balances and counters reflect the actual service use in every instant.
  • Integrated policy management: All account parameters, including balances, counters and service use history should be available to affect which policies are applied for a specific customer.
  • Channels to reach out instantaneously to your customers: To realise upselling opportunities in the moment of service delivery, you need to have ways of reaching out to customers with automated messages.

While real-time control takes on a new relevance for digital services, it adds significant value for all services that a service provider offers. As the digitalisation of services continues, and we move towards DSP adoption of 5G – and the native IoT support, 1ms latency and Gigabit connectivity that comes with it – we must still not lose track of what got us here. With 5G estimated to be rolled out at scale somewhere around 2025, legacy network support will remain a cornerstone of service delivery for many years to come. It is Symsoft’s pledge to fully support the service provider community with our fully converged architecture throughout the upcoming generational shift, to ensure that there are no gaps in your ability to serve a full range of customers and to allow a continuous commitment to every user’s personal journey.

Real-time control has been an integral part of Symsoft solutions for decades, giving us the technical understanding needed to enable it, and the business experience needed to leverage it. Together we can help your business grow in both the digital and the traditional telecommunication domain. Our Real-time BSS product range provides you with solutions to create winning customer experiences. Read more on our Real-time BSS product pages, or contact us to learn more about how real-time control can help you in your digital transformation!

Originally posted on www.symsoft.com, find out more about Symsoft’s rebrand to Sinch in the press release here.

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