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The importance of MVNO platforms to build and leverage market insight

20 Apr 2017 - 5 min read

In last week’s blog – ‘Evolving market insight – the key factor to growing as an MVNO’, we discussed how you can grow by gaining market insight from your existing customers, and use this to design new offers to create a superior customer experience.

However, your ability to achieve this insight and act successfully on it is not just a question of skill. It is intricately linked with the capabilities of the platform you use for service delivery and customer experience management. Capabilities that determine the limits of what you can achieve.

Key aspects of your technology platform

In our experience, there are three aspects of your technology platform that determine how efficiently you can evolve your offering:

  • Rapid gathering of customer intelligence: To build an understanding of how your customers behave and what they want, you must quickly get feedback on service use and experiences. This intelligence needs to assess not only reactions to your new offering, but competitors’ offerings. The quicker this data can be collected; the quicker you can make changes to products or counter competitors offers.
  • Flexibility to create and develop offers with short time-to-market:The speed of your intelligence gathering is only valuable if you can create offers and campaigns that answer to customer needs with the same speed, in a matter of hours rather than days or weeks. This calls for a framework for product creation where you can configure a wide range of offers on your own, without having to rely on vendor updates or assistance.
  • Real-time processing of service use data for immediate responses to customer behaviour: To offer a truly seamless customer experience, the platform should support services that are activated in real-time, based on customer behaviour. Setting up logic to process rating, charging and policy information in real-time will result in a superior full service experience.

At Sinch, we believe the focus of an MVNO business should be to understand the target market and serve it in the best way possible, not maintaining and customising technology platforms. That is why it is important to find a solution that gives you the power to create attractive services and gather useful intelligence rapidly and efficiently.

Technology that supports you throughout your evolution

As our previous blog ‘Breaking into the MVNO Market – How to launch an MVNO’ discussed, the communications market is in a state of constant change, there is no way to know what service will be popular in the future. New digital services, competitor initiatives and other market changes can drastically change the use of a specific offering. In addition to this, it is often difficult to accurately project the growth of your subscriber base.

This uncertainty creates problems for an MVNO that is starting up. Invest too little, and you run the risk of not being able to serve your customers sufficiently if you grow faster than projected. Invest too much, and you face capital and support costs that put a drag on your profits.

Many MVNOs choose to rely on external technology partners to handle this risk. Partnering up with an MVNE or and MVNA that already operates a platform allows an MVNO to put all its focus on working the market, buying only the capacity and capabilities needed to serve its target customers. However, it also locks the MVNO to this partner, and possibly also to a specific MNO partner. As you grow your number of subscribers, you may come to a point where it would make more financial sense to have a platform of your own. If you start out using an MVNE that provides you with the platform, you will need to procure a platform that can replicate all of your business logic and then migrate all of your data.

The ideal is to find a partner that can offer the same platform either as a service or as a standalone solution that you own yourself, so that you are able to transition easily as your needs change.

Sinch MVNO Solutions

At Sinch, we have developed the Sinch MVNO solution to meet the needs of MVNOs throughout their evolution. A modular solution that can be adapted to the needs of each specific MVNO customer, it includes the advanced customer experience management capabilities of the Sinch Real-time BSS and the service delivery capabilities of the Sinch Value Added Services portfolio.

To be able to cater to the needs of MVNOs in every stage of the journey, Sinch MVNO solutions are available in three different deployments:

  • As-a-service using the Sinch MVNCloud, offering a Sinch-managed solution with close to zero capex, superior scalability and a short time-to-market.
  • Managed Service MVNO Platform with a dedicated deployment managed by us, allowing service providers to leverage our  experience in the industry to achieve the best possible efficiency.
  • Standalone MVNO Platform managed by you, offering the full control and flexibility of the Sinch MVNO Platform.

The great value of the Sinch MVNO platform lies in the ability to change between these deployment models as your business grows and evolves. All configuration and data such as business logic and subscriber information can be moved between the different deployment models, to ensure that technological limitations don’t stand in the way for doing what is best for your business.

Want to know more about how our solutions can help your MVNO business thrive? Contact us today!

Originally posted on www.symsoft.com, find out more about Symsoft’s rebrand to Sinch in the press release here.

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