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Use Cases
fishermate use case
By - November 1, 2016


FisherMate is a global online community and mobile app (available on iOS) dedicated to great fishing. I chatted with Fishermate founder Phillip Kidd who shared that from finding the best fisheries to documenting a great catch to discovering tips from… read more

Use Cases
qasa use case
By - October 27, 2016


At a time when technological advancements across industries are moving faster than ever, the process for finding rental housing stays relatively stagnant. Though there are useful marketplaces like the Craigslists of the world, there are few resources dedicated exclusively to… read more

Use Cases
By - October 26, 2016


I recently had the opportunity to chat with Anik Devaughn, co-founder and CEO of Canvazone, a professional social networking app for creative artists. Anik explained that the idea for Canvazone developed to tackle the following three problems creative professionals face… read more

Verification Fail
By - August 4, 2016

Reasons a Verification Fails

Verification serves as an effective method for securing your user base, reducing fraudulent or duplicate signups, and for two-factor authentication (requiring user to be in possession of the phone during signup). Sinch verification products can be integrated into your Android,… read more

Use Cases
By - May 12, 2016


This week, I caught up Roberto Cipriani, CTO of GradeSlam, the 24/7 on demand tutoring app for students aged 10 and up. GradeSlam cuts the cost of traditional tutoring by providing a service through a medium that is second nature… read more

Use Cases
qosmy case study
By - May 4, 2016


We recently had the opportunity to catch up with Michael Moore, Founder & CEO of Qosmy, a fast growing, Seattle-based SaaS company focused on delivering real-time customer support feedback to enterprises. According to Qosmy, businesses don’t know if consumers are… read more

AWS Summit
By - April 29, 2016

AWS Summit Stockholm

Sinch is excited to be a speaker at AWS Stockholm next week! The AWS Summit brings together AWS experts, thought leaders and hundreds of your peers for a day of education, collaboration and networking. Content delivered by AWS experts will be… read more

Use Cases
By - April 21, 2016


Scholarly is the app connecting tutors and students anywhere, anytime. The idea stemmed out of HackingEdu, the world’s largest education hackathon. The team won the hackathon with their idea to create an app to make it fast and easy for… read more

Use Cases
By - April 6, 2016


A few weeks ago, I caught up with the founder of Hiyo, Caleb Chiu, to learn more about his app and the progress they had been making. “Hiyo started as a conversation with friends” Caleb told me. “Current text apps… read more