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Locking out sharp practices to shore up messaging revenues

Fraud and security
A set of padlocks locked in place on a big chain
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Mobile carriers are missing out on a huge revenue opportunity thanks to grey routing – a way for ‘sharp’ operators to exploit loop-holes in mobile phone networks by sidestepping the termination fee to the receiving network.

Typically messages offered to enterprises via a grey route are cheap, but lack any important KPIs like speed of delivery (if delivered at all) and security. It’s a problem that affects all players in the value-chain from consumers to enterprises, and network operators to messaging aggregators.

Next generation SMS firewalls are helping, but implementing them (operator side) is a slow process. Analyst firm Mobilesquared estimates that 48% of mobile operators globally have effectively “locked down” their network with a firewall.

However, this still means that a lot of un-monetized grey route traffic is getting through. In the short term, grey route traffic is clearly having a negative impact on potential A2P SMS revenues, to a cumulative global value of US$36.52 billion (by the end of 2022).

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