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Introducing The Future of Messaging

20 Jul 2017 - 3 min read

Cloud Communications is a fast-moving industry, it takes great stamina to remain competitive, and sometimes it’s difficult to stop and think, to take stock of what the future holds. We had 4 big questions we wanted to be answered:

Firstly, and most importantly, we wanted to ascertain how the use of A2P SMS by Enterprises is changing. Secondly, we wanted to determine Enterprises views on costs for A2P SMS, whether price elasticity still exists in the market and if prices are rising or falling. The third issue we were looking for data on was the use of Enhanced SMS in the market, we needed to get a feel for whether people were interested in what RCS has to offer, to discover what features interested them the most and how much they were willing to pay for it. Lastly, we wanted to gauge how interested Enterprises were in using chatbots, to see if anyone was using them already and what benefits they might have realized as a result of deploying them.

I have worked with Ovum for many years. Pamela Clark-Dickson from Ovum in particular has always been an enormous source of information, a fountain of knowledge when it comes to the Mobile Messaging industry, someone who I felt was ideally placed to present this report on the future of Enterprise Messaging.

CLX Communications worked with Ovum in 2015 on a report covering A2P SMS growth and price elasticity. The report was everything we hoped it would be; providing genuine insight into market perceptions and the direction the industry was heading towards at that time. As a result of this success, I had no hesitation in reaching out to Ovum again to utilise their wealth of experience for our latest project, secure in the knowledge that they would once again bring the goods to the table with this latest report.

As a Board member of the Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF), with over 15 years experience in the cloud communications space, I find the key results of the survey and the conclusions in the report fascinating. It re-confirms that our industry has many years of growth and innovation ahead of us something that all of us here at CLX are tremendously excited about.

At CLX we passionately believe that enterprise communications should be available to every company, large or small, technically capable or not. Together with our partners, we see our role as reducing the complexity of global communications to such a degree that this is possible. As such, we have a large and challenging opportunity ahead of us to enable these emerging technologies whilst penetration is still low and thereby create the perception of ubiquity that most enterprises desire. I relish in the prospect of receiving life changing and amazing customer service from both large and small enterprises which no doubt will be delivered in part by some of the innovations highlighted in this report. Only the other day I was helping a friend who runs a beauty salon from home, she was looking to leverage SMS to remind her customers about appointments. We found an amazing company online called Ovatu (https://ovatu.com/) who managed to remove all the complexity of running her business and provide SMS alerts. A combination of innovative companies like these and what CLX offers in the form of global cloud communications is exactly what all of us need to reduce the business and complexity of day to day life.

Serving not only as a tool to benchmark the 2015 report against in terms of how the market is changing and evolving, this report is a real snapshot of how the Enterprise Messaging industry stands on a global scale in 2017. We hope you find the results as interesting as we did.

Rob Malcolm

Originally Published by CLX Communications

Written by

Rob Malcolm

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