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A young man intently using his cell phone

Field Service Engineers are Using Video Calling to Make Their Lives Easier

Video · 13/11/2018 · 1 min read

by Sinch

Field service has traditionally embraced the mobile space to deliver new levels of efficiency. Ruggedized handsets combined with a cellular connection have for some time been a feature for all manner of field service applications – whether that’s signing for a parcel, sending an SMS notification or inspecting and reporting on broken machinery.  

New hardware that combines cameras with handsets or even spectacles like Vidyo, have taken the capabilities of the field service engineer into a new visual realm. Combined with communications-as-a-platform (CPaaS) where video, voice and text can be integrated with mobile apps via simple APIs, the field service engineer can be connected to the back office seamlessly – on the job and in the moment.  

Recent research commissioned by our sister company, Sinch found that 50% of enterprises think Video Calling has the potential to reduce costs. Nowhere is this more relevant than in the Transport & Logistics sector (including Field Service). 

Video Calling in the Field