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CPaaS - the latest weapon in the omnichannel retail arms race

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In today’s fiercely competitive retail environment, it’s no longer enough for retailers to simply offer an ecommerce website and mobile app, alongside their bricks and mortar premises. To remain competitive, retailers now have to harmonize these different properties to create a seamless personalized customer experience (CX).

Omnichannel retail as it’s commonly known, is where the battle for today’s consumer is taking place. National and multinational retailers are locked in an arms race to create a holistic CX that puts clear water between them and their competitors.

But consumers don’t just demand flexibility in how and when they shop. Today’s connected-consumers also expect choice in how they can engage – making an omnichannel engagement approach essential for any retailer looking to steal a march through innovation.

However, personalization is vital to an effective omnichannel engagement strategy. Just as some consumers prefer shopping online to in-store, when it comes to communication – some shoppers will favor voice calls over messaging, or video over email. By possessing the capability to gather intelligence on how their customers wish to engage, and recognizing those preferences, retailers have the opportunity to maximize benefit and value through personalization.

In addition, the globalization of commerce has led to the need for retailers of all sizes to be ready to scale as and when required. But building these solutions from scratch is both incredibly costly and time consuming. This is why Communications Platform as a Service, or CPaaS, has become the latest weapon in the omnichannel retail arms race.

CPaaS allows retailers to quickly and easily add communications capabilities such as SMS, voice, RCS or video calling to websites, mobile apps and enterprise systems without needing to build either the network infrastructure, or the supporting interfaces. CPaaS platforms typically include standards-based APIs, sample code, SDKs and libraries to help developers quickly build applications to help retail brands stay ahead of the innovation curve.

With CPaaS, there are typically very low up-front costs, paying for only for what is consumed. As a result, adding a whole suite of communication tools becomes much more flexible, scalable, and affordable; fuelling greater innovation, resulting in new ways to engage with customers.

In the fierce retail environment where omnichannel communications strategies are implemented to reduce fragmentation and create a seamless customer experience across bricks, clicks and mobile, CPaaS has a clear role to play in helping retailers create a more tightly integrated and friction-free engagement.

Find out more about how CPaaS can help supercharge your omnichannel strategy by reading our whitepaper in partnership with Juniper: Communication Platforms – Transforming Enterprises into Digital Enterprises.

To remain competitive, retailers now have to harmonize their website, mobile and physical shop to create a seamless, personalized customer experience (CX).