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Phone Number Formatting Made Simple

For anyone who’s tried to implement an accurate yet user friendly UI flow capturing users’ phone numbers, this will resonate with you.

For the others, luckily you will be able to avoid this hassle using our latest Verification SDKs. Getting a phone number from your app users and forma...Those are not rare cases and many countries are subject to custom rules, making efficient phone number formatting difficult in all areas. Sinch APIs...With the example of Argentina mentioned above, using the Sinch Verification SDK will take care of the international phone number formatting and can pr...We know phone number formatting can be a real hassle in certain countries and as part of our mission to make a phone number verification process as sm...

10/12/2015 · 2 min read


WebRTC and Why You Still Need a Backend Service

You are probably here because you wonder why you need a company like Sinch in the era of WebRTC.

In this post, I will explain the different components that make up a successful implementation of real-time communication in an WebRTC enabled system....There are more shipped, but these are the main ones and most widely used ones. Video Codecs...Audio codecs do a lot of the work for you, taking care of packet loss, encoding and decoding of audio, error correction, noise cancelation, echo ca...

29/10/2015 · 5 min read


The Psychological Impacts of Voice in Business

That’s the stale, but strongly supported view on virtual interaction, backed by many experts in the field. A study by Oxford Economics a few years b...Assuming the diplomatic middle-way, I’ve merged these two conflicting facts into one formula on how to optimize the effectiveness of voice. Learn fr...Accordingly, #1 on PsyBlog’s list of 10 lazy ways to appear smarter is to speak with expression, because “it’s not what you say, it’s how you...

04/09/2015 · 9 min read


The Present And Future Of Voice Recognition Technology

Like most times during my writing process, first thing is opening a new Google docs sheet, where I create a draft for the next interesting topic to fe...We can expect Ok Google to start working in offline mode pretty soon, according to an Android Police report. Apparently, new code in the app clearly r...From Audrey to Siri…And Barbie Voice recognition technology has been around for some decades now, but is by no means getting old. Born in the 50...Google’s speech recognition technology now only has an 8% error rate (compared to 23% in 2013). “Put simply, voice recognition in machines…w...The market is trying out this newly improved technology in every thinkable way. Say Hello (to) the smart Barbie, a speech recognition equipped doll th...

21/08/2015 · 5 min read

Voice Control


Customer Support Fixes to Blow Out the Competition

The best customer service experience generates twice as much positive word-of-mouth as negative. That said, negative experiences are shared twice as o...2. DECREASE RESOLUTION TIMES   As a customer, there’s nothing worse than finally getting a hold of a real person and then having dig up accoun...3. FIND OUT WHAT MAKES CUSTOMERS HAPPY   If you take calling in-app, you are afforded greater opportunities to engage with users and find out wh...

19/08/2015 · 4 min read

Business Support