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4 ways to accelerate your CX transformation, and make it futureproof

4 ways to accelerate your CX transformation
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Let’s admit it: transforming your customer experience to meet the ever-changing expectations of today’s consumers is no easy task.

Why? Well, in addition to the challenge of hitting a moving target, great experiences are the result of unique engagements that both satisfy individual customer needs and add value, at different points in the customer lifecycle.

In just the last few years, new engagement channels, new technologies, and new consumer preferences have opened the door to big opportunities for CX-minded businesses. And in the race to come out on top in the minds of customers, businesses everywhere have shifted into warp-speed to accelerate CX transformation.

Courtney Munroe, Research Vice President for Worldwide Telecommunications Research at IDC explains:

“As enterprises emerge from dealing with the impact of COVID-19, re-architecting their IT infrastructure to leverage digital platforms will be a major priority. And customer experience is the top driver of these investments, as it directly impacts the organization's bottom line.”


In this environment of rapid innovation and change there’s no roadmap or blueprint to follow – so, how do you keep up and maximize your CX transformation’s impact?


A new IDC white paper examines Sinch-sponsored research to give you answers to both of those questions. You’ll discover how to broaden your vision for CX transformation beyond the contact center, so you can improve customer engagement and build stronger customer relationships across the entire customer journey. And you’ll learn a lot about the programmable tech that can transform along with your organization to support great customer experiences, now and in the future.

We highlight 4 ways you can keep your foot on the digital transformation gas pedal and get the biggest return on your CX investments. To get all the insights and see the latest customer engagement research, you’ll want to be sure you grab your copy of IDC’s white paper, available exclusively from Sinch for a limited time!

Quick tips for leading smarter CX transformations

1. Use chatbots to make customers happy

CX transformation quick tip: offer more customer service channels

A huge portion of your customer engagement probably comes from customer service interactions. And there are easy ways to improve! Going conversational with artificial intelligence (AI) may sound complicated, but it's not. Let chatbots handle the basics and free up your live agents to deal with more complex issues. You'll save a lot of time and money – while improving customer satisfaction.

2. Start conversations. Get conversions.

CX transformation quick tip: convert with conversations

What’s the difference between a conversation and a conversion?

Two letters – and a bit of personalized, automatic outreach. If you're not yet using conversational messaging for marketing and lead generation, it's time to start thinking 2-way. Engage customers and potential customers (or recruits) through interactive messaging conversations, on the channels they want, when they want.

Nissan took this strategy for a spin and achieved conversation rates up to 80% for select geo-targeted campaigns. You can do that, too!

3. Hyper-personalization makes every experience perfect

CX transformation quick tip: personalize conversations

Sometimes customers need just a little push to finish that purchase. Use the power of AI to give them that push in a friendly, personalized, just-at-the-right-time way! Using rich media features, conversational AI can make each transaction smoother.

4. Use AI to transform operations from the inside-out

CX transformation quick tip: streamline operations with conversational messaging

Want to increase call center efficiency by 30%? Of course you do – who wouldn't? That's exactly what one healthcare provider did using conversational AI to automate the handling of millions of inquiries.

And that's just one example. Chatbots present a massive opportunity to streamline operations - whether that's providing training, automating workflows, or scaling up basic inquiries.

You may have noticed a common thread here. Or at least, we hope you did. That’s right – the key word is conversations!

That's the secret: conversational customer engagement is a futureproof solution for improving your CX.

Nearly 80% of companies surveyed for the report said they have started, or plan to start implementing, conversational customer engagement within the next two years.

Of course, you'll have the greatest impact on customer experience and ROI when you use conversational engagement throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

How do you get the best ROI from your CX Transformation?

You’re probably thinking about how you’re going to implement these innovative customer engagement strategies, and how you’re going to get the most from your technology investments.

The answer is: With your visionary leadership and CPaaS.

CPaaS, short for Communications Platform as a Service, is a programmable real-time cloud communications solution that can simplify and automate workflows across your existing technologies like CRMs, call center solutions, and other data centers.

In the IDC white paper, Munroe explains, “Implementing CPaaS technology offers additional ROI benefits, including reduced expenditure on in-house development or prepacked software and increased speed to market through rapid innovation and customization.”

In other words, CPaaS is your rocket ship to ROI.

Not surprisingly, in IDC and Sinchʼs October 2021 Worldwide Conversational Customer Engagement Survey, more than half (52%) of the respondents whose organizations plan to increase spending on conversational customer engagement (45%) said they will use CPaaS.

52% of enterprises surveyed plan to increase spending on conversational customer engagement and 45% say they will use CPaaS
Source: "Digital Customer Experience: Leveraging Conversations to Drive Innovation and Differentiation in the Enterprise," IDC White Paper doc #US48593121, January 2022


As communication channels evolve customer preferences change, the right CPaaS provider will make it easy to adjust and optimize your customer engagement strategy. With CPaaS, you can also adapt your CX to disruptions in the market as quickly as they happen.    

It’s a win-win situation for everyone! Your company gets to delight customers with engagements that are enjoyable and as efficient as possible for both parties. And while you keep building your bottom line, customers feel good about doing business with you.


Get more insight into how you can use conversations and CPaaS to accelerate your CX transformation  ⮕  Download the new IDC white paper.