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John Tan

John Tan is the Content Manager for the Sinch blog.

Latest from John Tan

June 10, 2015

Are you annoyed with 2 Factor Authentication? (2FA)

We are huge advocates of Two Factor Authentication (2FA) or Two-Step Authentication, which makes up a whopping 90% of the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) market. 2FA is a tiny effort in ensuring security for apps when juxtaposed with 3, 4- and… read more

June 1, 2015

What the hell is SMS 3.0?

In 2012, GigaOM declared SMS a dinosaur. They were not the only ones. In 2013, The Next Web declared its imminent death. In 2014 Time Magazine did the same. Fast forward to 2015. GigaOM have ceased operations to much commiseration… read more

May 27, 2015

WebRTC vs RCS — What’s The Difference

We myth busted the WebRTC vs VoLTE issue and decided to make it a fairer fight by bringing RCS into the ring for a direct battle. What is WebRTC WebRTC refers to Web Real-Time Communications. It is a free, open… read more

ortc vs webrtc
May 21, 2015

ORTC vs WebRTC — What’s The Difference

We set VoLTE & RCS side by side in comparison to WebRTC previously, and we bring in the discussion of ORTC vs WebRTC for another round in the ring. Their relation is intrinsic, and they might not even be competitors, but… read more

May 11, 2015

WebRTC vs. VoLTE – Whats the difference?

In our ongoing series of putting technologies head to head, we jump on the WebRTC vs. VoLTE bandwagon and offer our 2 cents worth. The Wikipedia definitions for both technologies are hazy and too simplistic for us so we wanted to… read more

May 7, 2015

WebRTC Mobile - Facebook & Slack are in.

WebRTC is finally playing in the major leagues, being adopted by the biggest companies in tech from Facebook and Google to Slack and Mozilla. Unfortunately, there is a stigma that WebRTC is predominantly used for browser-to-browser applications. Even the article… read more

May 5, 2015

Yelp!, Ebay and 7 more apps that need better in-app communication

Your app needs greasing If you have built up a community for your app, not having communications (voice or messaging) in-app in 2015 is like putting up a wall between users and blocking them from the full view of your… read more

unbundling apps
April 15, 2015

Why are Facebook, Instagram & Twitter unbundling their apps?

With more than 3 million+ apps combined in all app stores and 42 apps on the device of an average smartphone user, we need to question the need for more apps or simply having more in every app. Apps are essential… read more

March 26, 2015

8 proven triggers to retain app users and reduce churn

Not all apps are made equal. But all apps are looking to reach the promised land of amazing engagement from frequent users, and have loyal customers who keep returning. They are two sides of the same golden coin to us,… read more

March 23, 2015

46+ Free resources to growth hack your killer app

Growing an app can be daunting, but with some tools and integrations, things can be a lot easier. From getting relevant data to design and testing, we found 46 resources that will help all mobile developers. It’s no secret that… read more