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Johan Hallén

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February 24, 2016

Show Me the Money! How to get $250,000 from Jason Calacanis

“It’s not being smart, it’s not being diligent, and it’s certainly not being a visionary.” – Jason Calacanis It’s time to accelerate your startup to become a business. This is where LAUNCH Hackathon and Jason Calacanis’ $250,000 comes in handy. So… read more

LAUNCH Hackathon
February 11, 2016

How LAUNCH Hackathon Works

Everyone has at least one great idea, but it’s is all about the execution of it. A good start is to attend a hackathon with your idea, finding a solid team, and spending 3 days just focusing, building, and shipping… read more

launch hackathon
February 3, 2016

LAUNCH Hackathon 2016

2016 is here and so is one of the top startup events and hackathons. From the 26-28 of February 2016 the LAUNCH Hackathon fires up in San Francisco, California. The 48 hour competition to create a new startup and be able… read more