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Jeanette Burton

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July 11, 2018

Consumer Demand Is Shaping The Future Of Video Calling for Enterprises

In many sectors, face-to-face customer conversations have been replaced with text messages, chat apps and chat bots. At the same time, businesses are feeling a sense of urgency to deliver an excellent customer experience as a competitive differentiator, and with smartphones… read more

July 5, 2018

How is Consumer Demand Shaping the Future of Video Calling for Enterprises?

You might have seen our latest white paper on The Future of Video Calling for Enterprises? It’s packed full of the primary research we commissioned into the Video Calling market. If you’ve not yet had the chance to sit down… read more

June 27, 2018

New Tutorial: Building A simple SMS Notification System With Sinch

We’ve got a new tutorial for you!   Our resident petrol head Christian Jensen has been on a steep learning curve, hanging out at racetracks and coming up with a really cool way to use SMS to manage signups and… read more

March 29, 2018

Android Tutorials Update!

We’ve been busy working on some of our Android tutorials here at Sinch! In this blog post we’ll give you a quick run-down on what we’ve updated, and how each tutorial could benefit you and your customers. App to App… read more

Chained Phone
December 8, 2017

Preventing Fraud on your Sinch Services using our Verification API

Since 1957, when a five-year-old boy with perfect pitch first phreaked AT&T switches and invented phreaking, phones have been a target for different types of fraud that costs customers and phone companies billions of dollars. However, if you’re using the… read more