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Christian Jensen

Christian Jensen, Father, husband and Biz developer and developer evangelist at Sinch. Amazed almost everyday discovering the cool things people build.

Latest from Christian Jensen

February 24, 2016

Best Practices for Integrating Verification

We’ve given you some of the reasons verification is useful and becoming increasingly necessary, notably: Phone numbers serve as a username with longevity Reduce fraudulent or duplicate signups Two factor authentication (require user to be in possession of a phone… read more

November 14, 2015

Sinch Developer Drink Up

On November 12th Sinch hosted it’s first of monthly meet-ups at the Local Kitchen and Wine Merchant in SOMA. The entire Sinch SF team was in attendance and had the opportunity to meet and interact with our San Francisco Sinch… read more

net server sdk
October 30, 2015

New .NET Server Helper Libraries and Interface Driven REST Client

A couple of weeks ago we released a new suite of .NET server helper libraries to help you build server side apps even quicker. The old Sinch.SMS and Sinch.Core are now obsolete on nuget, and from now on you should… read more

webrtc backend
October 29, 2015

WebRTC And Why You Still Need A Backend Service Like Sinch

You are probably here because you wonder why you need a company like Sinch in the era of WebRTC. In this post, I will explain the different components that make up a successful implementation of real-time communication in an WebRTC… read more

October 27, 2015

Sinch Mobile Developer Drink-Up

Calling all Mobile Developers! Join Sinch and fellow Mobile Developers for an Evening of Food, Drinks and Code. Come talk shop about code over food and drinks with your fellow developers on November 12th from 6:00-8:00PM at Local Kitchen and… read more

October 23, 2015

“4 Things Every Successful On-Demand App Does” at API World 2015

There’s an Uber for doctors, cleaners, cookies. For booze, for flowers, and even movers. With almost any product or service available on demand, real-time communications is one of the most important features to set your “Uber for X” apart from… read more

September 28, 2015

Blankets, Donuts and Code – Integrate Hackathon 2015

The last weekend in September was an especially exciting one for us! We had the pleasure of participating in the Integrate Hackathon at the Plug and Play Center in Sunnyvale. There were over 300 amazing developers, designers and entrepreneurs in… read more

September 7, 2015

Announcing the APPreciated Winner 2015

The 2015 Sinch APPreciate Competition ended with a bang. Last month, Sinch hosted a competition, with a price of $4000, for all the app developers out there using our SDKs in one way or another. The rules were simple: “Enter… read more

February 23, 2015

Response to “Is This WebRTC’s Year?”

Itay Rosenfeld recently wrote a good article in TechCrunch about WebRTC and what he thinks needs to happen to make WebRTC really take off in 2015. On the whole, I agree with Itay and he makes some good points. There… read more

voip bandwidth
February 19, 2015

VoIP Bandwidth Consumption When Making Calls With the Sinch SDK

PHP developer Rob Holmes recently asked us on Twitter: @SinchDev Trying to estimate our mobile VoIP bandwidth consumption usage using Sinch, any examples or docs to help? #dontknowwheretostart — Rob Holmes (@robholmes) February 19, 2015 When using VoIP calling functionality… read more